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Several types of secured personal loans are available from The First National Bank of McHenry for you if you wish to use something other than equity in a home as collateral. New or used cars, new or used boats, recreational vehicles, airplanes, snowmobiles, securities or certificates of deposit all can be used as collateral in regards to obtaining a Personal Installment Loan from The First National Bank of McHenry. With an assortment of repayment plans and rates, our staff is committed to getting you the loan you need. By sitting down and talking to one of our Loan Specialists, we can analyze your current situation and discuss all the options with payment plans that fit your budget.

Downloadable Consumer Loan Application 

First Reserve Line of Credit

The perfect type of loan for those unforeseen emergencies. This unsecured line of credit is attached to your First National Bank of McHenry Checking account and is there only when and if you need it. With no cost to apply or no yearly fees, the First Reserve Line of Credit is a luxury that you can’t afford not to have. Mistakes happen with checking accounts. Your life is full of unforeseen expenses that need to be taken care of yesterday. That’s a fact. There is no need to pay check cashing services or payday advance establishment’s fees if you have a First Reserve Line of Credit. We’ll simply advance the amount you need directly into your checking account up to your approved credit line. You can either pay back the amount by making minimum payments or take care of the obligation in one lump sum. Your First Reserve Line of Credit requires you to pledge nothing as collateral; we simply look at your current assets and income to establish a line that works for you.  To apply online, for a First Reserve Line of Credit, please go here.