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Personal Visa Check Card 


The First National Bank of McHenry’s Visa Check Card is the simplest, fastest, and most convenient way to use money from your checking account without writing a check. Because it is accepted at over 13 million stores, restaurants, gas stations, and other locations, you’ll know that if you’re running errands, dining out, buying groceries, or shopping for clothes, The First National Bank of McHenry Visa Check Card will always be a viable payment method.



Lost or Stolen Visa Check Card Information

Phone us at once!!! Help us prevent fraud and unauthorized usage before it happens. We have measures in place to terminate a card instantly, but we need to hear from you first.

CALL US AT 815.385.5400. 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK. 

If your call is after regular banking hours, you will be directed to another number where an operator will be standing by to take your information. 

FAQ’s about the Visa Check Card


How does the Visa Check Card work?

Wherever you may be, just hand your Visa Check Card to the clerk assisting you with your purchase. You will be either asked to sign a receipt or enter your personal identification number into a keypad. You can even use your Visa Check Card when ordering merchandise or services by telephone or mail. In all cases, the amount of your purchase will automatically be deducted from your checking account, so you should also make the appropriate entry in your check register. When you receive your monthly statement, all of your purchases will be neatly listed with a brief description of where the transaction took place.

What should I say if a clerk asks me credit or debit?

Generally you can say either. By saying or pressing credit, your transaction will require you to sign a sales slip that forces the clerk to verify your signature on the sales slip with the panel on the back of the card. These types of transactions afford you a higher daily dollar amount because of this security.  Additionally, transactions that are processed when you say or press credit are eligible to earn uChoose Rewards.  This method also affords you unlimited free usage.  By saying or pressing debit, you will be required to enter your personal identification number into a keypad. The debit method may have a nominal cost involved – please check with your checking account plan to determine if it applies to you. You also take note of the different dollar amount limitations associated with each method. Whether you select credit or debit, the amount of your purchase will charge directly to your checking account. There is no interest to pay back when saying or pressing credit.

Can the Visa Check Card be used to get cash at ATM’s?

Yes. Your Visa Check Card can be used for withdrawals, deposits, transfers, or balance inquiries at most ATM machines displaying the EXCHANGE logo. Moreover, your Visa Check Card gives you worldwide access to your account for withdrawing cash through any ATM displaying the CIRRUS or VISA logo.

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Are there any fees for using the Visa Check Card?

That depends on how you choose to access your accounts using the Visa Check Card – through signature access or personal identification number (PIN). Signature access (when you sign a receipt for the purchase or press the credit key while performing a transaction) can be used wherever Visa is accepted. This method provides you with unlimited free monthly usage. When you access your account through PIN, whether it is at an ATM, or a merchant that allows you to pay for purchases using the PIN, your normal checking account fee schedule applies.

Is there anyplace where I cannot or should not use my Visa Check Card?

You may not use your Visa Check Card for Internet Gambling purchases. Otherwise, your Visa Check Card may be used anywhere you feel comfortable. Because of the nature of certain merchants, we recommend that you not use your Visa Check Card to reserve rental cars and hotels. Your Visa Check Card should be treated with the same security as you would any other financial document or information

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***Special Information About International Visa Check Card Transactions***

The bank has detected an increased number of fraudulent Visa Check Card transactions originating from international merchants.  Consequently, security has been increased which may result in the denial of some legitimate international transactions.  If you intend on using your Visa Check Card outside of the country (this includes Canada and The Caribbean), please let us know which countries you will be visiting and when you expect to return.  Please contact us at 815.363.5880 with your intended travel plans so we can ensure you do not receive any interruption of service and /or denials with respect to legitimate international transactions that you originate.